Information about schools and education due to the coronavirus

The Public Health Agency of Sweden currently advices that children who don't show any symptoms shall attend preschools and schools as usual. Children and adults who show symptoms, even mild ones, shall stay at home until they are symptom free and 48 hours after that.

The Swedish Government has decided on temporarily changed regulations for Swedish schools. This will allow the head of each school to adapt education and school activities to situations occurring due to covid-19.

Preschools and schools in Härryda municipality are following the guidelines set up by the The Public Health Agency of Sweden to prevent transmission of the coronavirus.

Preschool staff will contact parents and caretakers to come and pick up children who show respiratory symptoms, even mild symptoms.

If a student starts to show symptoms at school, the student will be sent home as soon as possible. The school staff will contact the student's parents and caretakers to assess whether the student can go home by him or herself or should wait in a separate room until the parent and caretaker arrives.


The board of welfare in Härryda municipality has decided to temporarily stop offering a preschool placement to children whose parents are on parental leave to care for another child. The decision takes effect as of Monday March 23 2020 and until further notice. The reason for the decision is the corona virus and the covid-19 pandemic which pressures the municipality's functions.

Upper secondary school

As of March 18 all education at Hulebäcksgymnasiet, The center for Adult Education and the Higher Vocational Education will be held digitally to students from their homes. This is by recommendation from the Swedish Public Health Authority that all of Sweden's upper secondary and vocational colleges switch to distance education to limit the spread of infection of covid-19. This applies until further notice.