Råda Manor (Råda säteri)

Råda Manor stands, white and elegant, in undulating, diverse landscape by lake Rådasjön in Mölnlycke. The manor house comprises the main building and wings, plus a number of outbuildings.

Photo: Anna Sigvardsson

Råda Manor is a well-preserved estate with a fascinating heritage. It dates back to medieval times and was mentioned as far back as the fourteenth century. The present main building was constructed in 1772 for Martin Törngren, director of the East India Company.

Råda Manor is part of the lake Rådasjön nature reserve, which is managed by the municipality of Härryda. The reserve has special ecological, cultural and recreational values that are taken into account in its management. The Labbera peninsula is part of the manor grounds and is easily reached by following a signposted nature trail. This is a great place for a walk through the impressive beech forest or to visit the ruined folly built by Martina von Schwerin in the nineteenth century to add character to the landscape.

Over the centuries the owners of Råda Manor have remodelled the garden and planted areas to suit their needs, passions and contemporary tastes. In the latter part of the nineteenth century and first few decades of the twentieth century large quantities of fruit, vegetable and flowers were cultivated at Råda Manor in the fields and in a number of greenhouses. The vegetables and fruits were sold at market in Gothenburg, and Råda Manor also had its own florist shop in the city. Farming continued until 1975.

Garden café in the west wing building and kitchen garden. Photo: Anna Sigvardsson


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