Plenty to discover on Labbera

The peninsula that lies to the west of Råda Manor and forms part of lake Rådasjön nature reserve is called Labbera. You can pick the first wood anemones of the year here, take an evening swim on a balmy summer evening, crunch through deep autumn leaves and even go ice-skating in Winter.

photo: Anna Sigvardsson

Apart from the lake itself, Rådasjön nature reserve contains lakeside woodland, open pastureland and deciduous forest, mainly of oak. The area around Råda Manor, and the neighbouring Gunnebo House and Gardens, together form a site of special value for its biology and heritage.

Nature on the Labbera peninsula is so important that it is part of the European network of protected natural sites, Natura 2000. With Råda Manor as your starting point there are plenty of opportunities for walks, exercise, nature experiences and recreation. The two-kilometre-long nature trail on Labbera peninsula has signs that tell you about the natural points of interest along the way. They also tell you more about the building on the headland, the ruin of a folly.

This is how the folly on Labbera may have looked in the mid-19th century.