Energicoach för små och medelstora företag

Genom att delta i ett coachningsprogram får företag hjälp med att sänka energikostnaderna, förbättra lönsamheten och minska klimatpåverkan.

Projektet Coach för energi och klimat är till för att hjälpa företag att energieffektivisera. Programmet är särskilt riktat till små och medelstora företag med en energianvändning under 300 000 kilowattimmar (kWh). Coachningen kan vara till nytta för företag som:

  • På ett enkelt sätt vill komma igång med energieffektiviserande åtgärder
  • Vill höja sin kunskap inom energi
  • Vill ha kostnadsfri coachning och rådgivning
  • Vill dra nytta av ett nätverk med andra företag, både rörande energi och andra frågor

Programmet startade i januari 2017 och pågår till och med 2019

Information in English

Energy and Climate Coaches is a national initiative that combines coaching and knowledge transfer between participating companies. This will provide your company with valuable tools to improve energy efficiency. The project is time-limited and runs until 2019. The participation in the program is free of charge and funded by the Energy Agency through the European Regional Development Fund.

Can my company get help from a coach?

The coaching program addresses small and medium-sized enterprises with an annual energy usage below 300,000 kilowatt hours (kWh). To receive maximum benefit from the coaching program, companies are asked be involved as much as possible in seminars and meetings held during the program period. The participation in the program is free of charge. The only requirement is that you set aside time for attending a tour of the company’s premises together with the coach as well as being available for questions throughout the program.

What is included in the program?

When your company joins the coaching program, you will first get an on-site visit from the coach followed by a review of the company’s energy usage. Then you will get suggestions on areas in your company with potential for reduced energy usage. You will also get individual coaching in implementing specific energy efficiency measures.

The coach will keep regular contact with your company throughout the program and support you with implementing the energy efficiency measures. During the program, you will also be invited to meet other companies involved in the coaching program. At the meetings, you will be given the opportunity to learn more about energy efficiency in general and share experiences with others.

Benefits of working with energy efficiency

Energy efficiency measures can contribute to reduced operational costs, improved profitability and lower the risk of profit loss due to rising energy prices. Moreover, energy efficiency measures entail other values such as improved indoor quality, lower maintenance costs and increased operational reliability. Working with sustainable values can also improve your brand image and impact on how customers and stakeholders perceive your business.

Which municipalities have coaches?

Coaches are available in several municipalities around Sweden. If your municipality is not involved in the project, you are welcome contact a coach in a neighboring municipality.

A list of participating municipalities and contact details can be found on the Swedish Energy agency’s website at: www.energimyndigheten.se/coach Länk till annan webbplats.

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